{Valentine's Day Ideas for Little Ones}

For some reason, I started thinking about Valentine's Day plans for our sweet girl as soon as I woke up this morning.  I know she's only a baby, but I still want every holiday to be as special and as magical as the last.

I just LOVE the planning and prep that goes into anything and everything for our little girl, so I thought I would go ahead and start brainstorming.  I want to have some little treats for her to enjoy, but I also want to do some Valentine's Day crafts with her so her Dad and I will have keepsakes to cherish forever.

Here are some ideas for the little ones that you can hopefully utilize as well…
{How cute are these? Click here for more ideas.}

{I love this! Check out more healthy holiday treats.}

{So simple and so cute.}

{Kate loves fruit, & I can't wait for her to see it heart-shaped.} 

{New things around the house make Kate so excited, so I'll definitely be hanging this.}


{I may just make my munchkin (& my hubby) these special pancakes for breakfast!}



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