{Red Balloons for Ryan}

I had planned on posting a new recipe or a DIY project on the blog today, but my plan changed when I heard this news.  I have followed Baby Boy Bakery for years, and this morning I kept seeing pictures of her precious little boy pop up on my Instagram feed.  I was devastated as I started to read the captions…Her sweet son passed away in a tragic accident over the weekend, and it makes my heart break for this family.

You can read more of the story here, and today I'll be praying for this family, thanking God for mine, and hugging my baby girl a little tighter.

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  1. This is so not fair :( I will be thinking of the family and saying prayers for them.

  2. What a tragic loss- prayers for the family and thank you for posting this. I will do one similar!

  3. So sad to hear about this!!! My nephew just went to be with Jesus too - they both went way too early

  4. Our deepest condolences to the Family! It is a SAD story that no family should ever go through! Sadly to say… We went through the pain of losing our precious Ameeya in September! We as a community have to say this is enough already!!! The technology is here to prevent road traffic collisions. We must speak for all those voices silenced to early. Please read-sign and share our petition. We can no longer put our loved ones at RISK any more! http://www.thepetitionsite.com/621/736/836/require-accident-prevention-sensors-for-pedestrian-protection-road-safety/