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Hey friends!!  It's so great to be back here with you.  I {unintentionally} took a little blogging break, and looking back, I can see that it was much-needed.  It was so nice to soak in every second with my little girl and my baby boy that's growing in my belly, and I decided to just slow down a little to remember to cherish these moments and memories.

Our sweet Kate is changing so much, and I have been giving her my undivided attention over the past few weeks.  It's just sinking in that she will soon give up her role as my only child, and {if I'm completely honest} it makes me a little teary just thinking about it.  She will always be my special baby, and I have loved watching her grow and learn so much this summer.

As for our baby boy, he has quickly become quite the active little fella in Mama's belly.  My favorite time with him is in the evenings when I crawl into bed...I always have quiet time when I can just gently place my hand on my belly to feel his presence.  It's almost like he knows I'm there, and each night he puts on his little acrobatic routine before he calls it a night, too. :)  Just last night as we were about to fall asleep, Forrest put his hand on my belly and got to feel some of the strongest kicks I've ever felt our little boy give.  It's almost like he was saying "Hey Daddy! I know you're there." :)

I'm excited to catch up with all of you, and in the meantime, here are some snapshots of my life lately…
{Boat day with my hubby}
{25 week baby bump}
{28 week baby bump}
{Baby boy's very 1st gift…Thank you, Yia Yia and Papou!}
{4th of July with our little firecracker}
{Date day "selfie" :)}
{Dada's hoooooome!!!}
{Play date with sweet friends}
{Awesome day with Dad at the shooting range}
{Shopping with Yia Yia and our little sidekick}
{Nothing says summer like running through sprinklers in pj's}

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