{Lunch Box Ideas}

Becoming a mom is by far the most amazing thing that has ever happened to me, and I love each new day as Kate's mother even more than the last.  I really never knew how much love I could have for such a tiny human being, but I seriously adore her so much I feel like my heart could burst right out of my chest!!  I would give anything to hold her, snuggle her, protect her, and love on her every second of every single day, but I know good and well one day soon I'll be sending her off to "school" to play and learn with her little friends.

Speaking of kids going off to school, my social media feeds have been flooded with the most precious pictures of all of my friends' kids starting school this week, and they just make me all mushy inside.  I can't believe how quickly these kids grow up, and I can only imagine how those mommies and daddies feel as they drop their "babies" off and watch them walk into their new schools.  I know I'm going to be an emotional mess when that's my little Kate, and it makes me appreciate my parents even more than I ever have for all that they did for us when we were growing up.

My parents made everything so special and exciting, even when it came to back-to-school activities.  I remember we always had the best time going shopping for our new school clothes, and we always, always, always had the sweetest, most special notes in our lunch boxes.  It's amazing the things that touch a child's life in such positive ways, and I only hope I can be half the parent to Kate as mine were to my sister and me.


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