{DIY: How to Tint Mason Jars}

It's no secret that I love mason jars.  I try to incorporate them into every event that I have at my house, and I just think they're the cutest, most practical items around.  I've used them in so many different ways, and this time I want to repurpose some to serve as storage containers in my study and pantry.

The classic mason jars are nice, but how pretty would it be to tint them in different colors??  I gave it a shot, and here are the details.  The process was so simple, and the results were stunning.  These colorful jars are going to look great on my desk holding all my pretty pens and writing utensils.
  • Mason Jar
  • Solo Cup
  • Mod Podge (I used Matte)
  • Food Coloring (whatever color your heart desires)
  • Tin Foil
  • Cookie Sheet

  1. In a solo cup, mix together about 3-4 teaspoons of Mod Podge with your food coloring.  Use as much food coloring as you need to reach your desired color.  I used about 3 squirts of green food coloring for this jar.
  2. Once you have your perfect color, pour your mix into your mason jar.
  3. Swirl mix around mason jar until the entire inside surface is covered.
  4. Once all sides are coated with Mod Podge mixture, place jar upside down on tin foil to drain excess mixture.
  5. Now place your mason jar upside down on a foil-covered cookie sheet.
  6. Place in 200 degree oven…There is no set time for this.  I actually left mine in for about an hour until my entire jar was translucent.  Be sure to flip jar every few minutes so it will bake evenly.

This was such an easy project, and it's perfect for kids, too.  My little Kate loved helping Mommy, and I hope y'all have as much fun as we did.  Read more about ways to decorate your mason jars here.


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