Today was just one of those days where nothing seemed to be going right...Kate coughed so hard she got sick, which resulted in a bath before 8 am, Reeves was screaming during said bath, my laptop froze right as I was finishing up a blog post, two crazy wasps got in the house, I couldn't find a sitter for tomorrow, and I changed what felt like 50 dirty diapers.

As I was feeding Reeves this afternoon, I decided to catch up on my reading over on the Baby Boy Bakery blog.  And just like that, all of my "problems" seemed so minuscule. I cried as I read the letter she wrote to her little boy in Heaven...Actually, I had to stop in the middle to let my tears dry because I was crying so hard. I realized my problems aren't even problems at all...They are blessings because I still have my babies on this earth.

Here is a mom who longs to feel her baby's arms around her neck, his soft hair against her cheeks...She longs to just smell his sweet skin again...Oh my heart literally hurts when I think about what they're going through, and I immediately prayed for God to wrap his arms around Jacqui, her husband, and their son.

So tonight, I'm not complaining about the hard day I had. Tonight, I'm thanking God for the bath I was able to give my daughter, the bottle I was able to feed my son, the many diapers I was able to change, and the little rosy cheeks I was able to kiss goodnight.

Cling tight to your babies tonight, and please send a prayer up for Ryan Cruz and his sweet family.

You can learn more about their story here and here.


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