{The Perfect Mother}

As I was browsing the card section at the store last week, I noticed I was standing there for what felt like forever. Others came through, skimmed the cards, chose one, and then went along their way. They came and they went, and I remained. I stood there....Reading every, single Mother's Day card, and then I went back through and read them once or twice more. Not one of them said exactly what I wanted to say to my mother...My mama. I couldn't find the perfect card, and it got me thinking so much this week about my amazing Mama...How do you find the most perfect card for the most perfect mom? Some people think there's no such thing as perfect, but my mom is just that...She's perfect in every single way!!

I didn't think it was possible to get any closer to my mama than I already am, but it is. I feel closer to her now more than ever, and she means the absolute world to me! Her voice, her presence, and her support immediately put me at ease, and my days aren't complete until I hear her voice on the other end of the phone. No matter how tired she is after her long days at work, she listens. She listens to my every word, she gives me a safe place to land, and she always makes me feel so special.  She's my everything, and I see her in a brand new, beautiful and bright light since I've had kids of my own.

I have never appreciated my mama more than I do since becoming a mother of two. You see, now I know the sacrifices she made, the sleepless nights she had, the worries that weighed heavy on her heart, the diapers she changed, the meals she cooked, the tears she wiped away, the sickness she cared for, the dishes she scrubbed, the laundry she washed, the clothes she folded, the houses she kept clean, the school projects she helped with, the groceries she bought, the noses she blew, the baths she gave, the food she shared, the cold coffee she drank, the meals she missed, the shoes she tied, the birthday cakes she baked and decorated, the parties she planned, the booboos she kissed, the carpools she drove, the unbelievably busy days she had, the lives she touched, and the two hearts she made so happy.

Now, when I look at my Mama, I see her through the eyes of a mother, and I see the most amazing woman who was and is the absolute PERFECT Mama to my sister and me. What's even more special is that she is now the most wonderful Yia Yia to her 4 (soon-to-be 5) grandchildren.
So this day is for you, Mama…On this day, I want to thank you…I want to thank you from the very bottom of my heart for all that you were and all that you are to me…

You're the voice on the other end of the phone that I love to hear everyday.
You're the sunshine in my life when I've had a hard day.
You're the shoulder that I cry on when I'm feeling blue.
You're the helping hand that's extended to me anytime I need it.
You're my comfort when I have doubts throughout my motherhood journey.
You're the teacher guiding me every day.

And above all else...
You're the perfect mother in each and every way.

I love you so much, Mama, and I appreciate you now more than you will ever know!  You're my best friend, and I hope I can be half the mother to my babies that you have been to us!! Happy Mother's Day!!


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