{Personalized Video Messages from Santa}

I pulled this from the archives because it's a true treasure…Y'all HAVE to do this for your kids. :)

Kate was just a baby when I made her first video, but I showed it to her the other night, and she couldn't contain her excitement. She was giggling, grinning from ear to ear, and her eyes had the prettiest twinkle in them. Now THAT is the greatest gift I could ever receive!

Visit the Portable North Pole, create a personalized video for your sweet kids, and you can also download the app on your phone.
I immediately made a video for Kate as soon as I discovered the site from one of my favorite bloggers, and the process was so quick and simple.  I actually got a little teary when I watched her special video, and I can only imagine what the experience is like for older kiddos. You can watch Kate's video below, and if you have young kids, drop what you're doing and make a video of your own.  I bet they will find it as magical as I did! :)

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