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Yesterday was a tough day. With so much sadness in the world and the tragedy in Las Vegas, I couldn't even bring my fingers to type anything happy. I did, however, have a moment of peace when this song came on my radio...It wasn't chosen by me, it just played randomly. Perfect timing, if you ask me. And it gives me hope for our country. 

Now, on to another topic that is very important to me...How to make safer choices for yourselves, for your families and loved ones, and in your homes. I decided months ago that I was going to start a "Switch to Safer Blog Series", and I figured I'd kick it off with deodorant since we are now in the midst of Breast Cancer Awareness month.

First, I'd like to share a personal story with you. This past summer, at only 35 years-old, I had to have my very first mammogram. That mammogram warranted an additional ultrasound of the area, and boy was I scared. There's nothing that will send you into a panic quite like those kinds of appointments when all you can think of are your two young children at home who need you for the rest of their little lives. 

I thank God every day that my results were ok and that I'm still here and healthy, but I have faced many a wake-up call over the past year. What I hope to do with this series is help you switch to safer products and hopefully avoid as many of these types of situations as possible.

Let's talk about deodorant for a minute...I want you to walk to your bathrooms right now, grab your deodorant, and look at the active ingredient. Is it aluminum? If it is, toss it, and order something safer (see below for options).

Here's the nitty gritty on aluminum in your deodorant:

"Aluminum-based compounds are the active ingredients in antiperspirants. They block the sweat glands to keep sweat from getting to the skin's surface. Research has suggested that these aluminum compounds may be absorbed by the skin and cause changes in estrogen receptors of breast cells. Because estrogen can promote the growth of both cancer and non-cancer breast cells, some scientists have suggested that using the aluminum-based compounds in antiperspirants may be a risk factor for the development of breast cancer."

SCARY!!!!!! Now I don't know about you, but I will do ANYTHING to reduce my risks for cancer, and if switching to a safer deodorant is one of them, I'm doing it.

Unfortunately though, that doesn't erase the 20+ years of using deodorants filled with aluminum. Can you imagine all that aluminum in my system?? Yuck!! Rather than dwell on it though, I just made the choice to switch to safer. As Maya Angelou once said, "Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better." Luckily for me, my amazing Beautycounter besties are full of insight on great products, so I've been using a safer deodorant since February.

When your toxic load becomes more than your body can bear, your internal systems will be negatively impacted. Small changes make a BIG impact, and I'd love to help you switch to safer, starting with your deodorant.

Lavanila--This is the deodorant that I use and love.

Other safe options are:

I'm here if you need any help, and good luck switching to safer!!


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